2017 was a big year for Robi Walters- it was the year he realised a dream. In late November, he opened the doors to his own gallery. Nestled in old Soho between the jostling queues of Supreme, Patta and Palace and located in the corner building where Soul Jazz Records originated, this new home will showcase his own work as well as group shows, events and his working studio. 

Over the past decade, Robi Walters' oeuvre has encapsulated the spirit of transformation. Of materials - taking discarded objects and translating them into something beautiful. And of personal journey - identifying and unifying microcosm/macrocosm and always consciously striving to generate a positive force for change.

His mesmerising, colourful collage work has enthralled many including collectors Thandie Newton, Stellan Skarsgard, Sid Owen, West Ham’s captain Mark Noble and Major Lazer’s Jillionaire. Music has also been a powerful influence and he has collaborated with several renowned musicians including U2, Mary J Blige and Sir Paul McCartney in order to raise money for a number of charities.

In 2018, Robi Walters will be exhibiting his work in London, Paris, Dubai, New York, Miami and Los Angeles. He is represented in London by Maddox Gallery Mayfair, Waterhouse & Dodd, West Contemporary, Serena Morton and in Paris by Galerie Chauvy.

Robi Walters Gallery

12 Ingestre Place • London • W1F 0JF