What is ‘Wadada’?

If you have an idea, if you have a thought, and it’s something that you want to do, just start it because you never know where it’s going to go

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In Robi Walter’s parents' garage, Wadada was born. Starting as simply an idea and to design and print t-shirts for men, Wadada was since evolved into printing on to different textile surfaces. It isn’t a static concept or process; it is always changing.  


The initial images used for the project began with musicians, from Stevie Wonder to Lee Perry. Robi took the images, transformed them into a style more align and familiar with his own, and printed them on t-shirts. The images printed incorporate a fusion of influences and culture; often working with West Indian aesthetic influences, which in turn was channelled through African culture, synthesized with English culture. Although Robi was born and raised in London, his half-Jamaican heritage transpires through in the cultural collaborations explored in Wadada.



Written by Hannah Clynch

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