Walters X Eyeconomy Club

Search online for ‘Eyeconomy Club’ and you’ll be greeted by a greyscale image of Robi’s work on the homepage. Click through and you’ll find a writeup from when Robi talked about his journey, inspirations and future plans.

Eyeconomy Club is a ‘concept store and editorial platform’ that bases itself on the retailing and promotion of independent eyewear brands from all over the world. The store boasts both an online store and a digital magazine, featuring a range of articles and interviews with eyewear-themed titles and puns such as ‘Eye See…’.

The company approached Robi, asking for an interview with him under the title ‘Entering The Vortex of Success’. Seamus Duff, from the online magazine, joined Robi in his Soho studio to discuss his artistic vision and learn more about his processes, as well as his numerous exciting upcoming projects.

In the interview Robi discusses his love for the current studio location and the influence it has over his work. He discloses “I think Soho is reflective to my art” when referencing the diversity and vibrance the borough has to offer. As well as a cultural influence, Robi describes the environment’s impact on his work saying ‘I’ll be walking down the street and I’ll see a cardboard box, or a crushed can on the road and put it in my bag’.

The discussion definitely gives an honest and intimate look into Robi as an artist and his creative journey. Eyeconomy Club concludes by writing of Robi, ‘With his art now taking the world by storm, letting go of control has never looked so good.’

The interview will be on the website for two weeks, so if you wish to get a look into The Vortex of Success, be sure to read it here.

Written by Amber Davies

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