Transformative Materiality: Aesthetica Magazine X Robi Walter

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Aesthetica Magazine is a British art and culture magazine. Founded in 2002, the magazine covers photography, visual art, music, film, and theatre.  

Robi was given the opportunity to advertise his work as part of their print and online artists directory, alongside an online interview with him under the title ‘Transformative Materiality’. 

In the interview, Robi discusses his processes and the inspiration behind his work. He talks about transformation, meditation, and reflection: " In order to transform, you have to start your journey by knowing who and where you are. I start every morning by meditating and that is my first transformation of the day, it enables me to become centered, calm and focused. I think that is reflected in my work. The work that I make is mostly made out of material that people have thrown away."

Robi describes his changing techniques, admitting "I used to do everything by myself, which is sourcing the material, spraying it, cutting it, finding raw materials such as the wood, the glue etc and then the process of actually creating the work itself... [it's] been a huge journey of letting go."

The discussion definitely gives an honest and intimate look into Robi as an artist and his creative journey. 

The interview is available to read on Aesthetica's website or here.

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