Robi Walters X UNFOLD : Art in The City of Tomorrow

London-based artist Robi Walters will be exhibiting and creating works at UNFOLD, Church St, Central London, during Frieze week in October 2017.

Robi will offer a glimpse into his creative processes and vision, providing the opportunity to engage with an art piece in a comfortable setting. UNFOLD encourages its visitors to consider the installment as a meditative experience, which is something Robi’s work looks into through meditational practice, focus on colour and relationships with chakras. 

The mesmerising collage pieces Robi produces focus on sacred geometry and spirituality, inspired by the thousand-petalled lotus flower. The themes explored in his works relate to the UNFOLD philosophy of immersive, peaceful spaces to engage in art and experience processes of creation. 

Robi’s works explore the concept of art in a future city through themes of recycling and reusing found objects from the streets of Soho. Robi’s work subtly challenges the changing face of modernity; concerning itself on how people communicate using technology more frequently and how this transforms the way beauty is viewed and interacted with. 

Robi will be creating artwork for the show in a studio space, opening up a dialogue to explain and display his methods from spraying recycled card, cutting into petals and the technique of sticking individual petals together to create a rich and vibrant story.

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